GatherbirdAutomatic Print Screen

GatherbirdAutomatic Print Screen 2.2

A Windows utility that saves print screens on a time interval of your choice
2.2 (See all)

GatherBird Automatic Print Screen with Email is a Windows utility that saves print screens on a time interval of your choice. Each print screen is saved to a folder in a BMP, JPG, or PNG format and can be viewed later. APSWE can also instantly send each print screen by email as an attachment.

This program provides a way to automatically track the status of a computer by periodically saving print screens. The email feature can deliver the print screens in near real-time. Many people use APSWE to capture their computer screen throughout the day. It is popularly used to capture web cams and to track children’s activities (including games and the Internet surfing). The computer screen is captured as often as you wish and each print screen can be viewed later at your convenience. Because of the email option APSWE is frequently used as watchdog program to remotely verify that a computer is running. APSWE can be configured to use your existing email account to send the print screen picture as an attachment to the email address of your choice.

APSWE will run as a standard application, in the Windows system tray, or as a service (in Windows XP).APSWE is compatible with dual monitors.APSWE can capture web cam images.

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